GreekGourmet is a family owned wholesale Food & Beverage import & distribution company and e-shop established in Singapore in 2018 with the vision to:

1. Bring the finest greek products to Singapore’s premium stores and restaurants,
2. Find new markets for selected Greek Producers and,
3. Communicate the benefits of Mediterranean diet.

Our Story

By sharing our time between Greece and Singapore we manage to match the latest Singapore premium culinary requirements with the best products currently offered by the Greek market. We have a strong preference in organic and awarded products since we strive to have a healthy diet. A section with some of our favorite wine Greek labels couldn’t miss of course from our marketplace.

Our origins is from Ikaria, a small island in Greece located in the Aegean Sea that which became worldwide famous since it belongs to the so-called Blue Zones, the five areas in the world with the highest recorded longevity. One in three make it to their 90s :) A combinations of factors explain it including geography, clean air, plant based diet, reduced stress, life purpose and of course diet and moderate consumption of wine. Paying tribute to our roots, GreekGourmet will try to bring to Singapore some Ikarian products as well.

Basically what you see here is what you would also find in our kitchens!

Meet The Team

Manolis Safos

Founder and General Manager of GreekGourmet, originally an environmental engineer with a long career in renewable forms of energy, decided to skip to his passion: premium-organic-greek food tastes! In his free time, he takes care of his little organic vineyard in a small Aegean Island.

Stamatis Safos

Married in Singapore, originally a film director, Stamatis has travelled in over than 50 countries and literally should be described as a food encyclopedia. In his free time he enjoys good literature.